MeetWest 2016 is an exciting two-day national business networking event taking place at the McWilliam Park Hotel, Claremorris, Co. Mayo on 24th and 25th of November 2016.

The objective of MeetWest 2016 is to connect people, create opportunities and promote business in the West, in a uniquely structured way. MeetWest 2016 will offer new and innovative networking opportunities for attendees in a variety of formats. It is anticipated that up to 400 delegates will participate during the event making it an essential addition to every business diary.


MeetWest 2016 is an ideal opportunity to meet and do business with mutually compatible companies from the West of Ireland and further afield.

Expected attendees include:

  • Companies from all sectors - agri-food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical and health, construction, engineering, craft and textiles, IT, energy supply, alternative energies, manufacturing, printing and design, services to SMEs, research and education, tourism, hospitality, transport and logistics.
  • Representatives of  Business Networks
  • Irish Public Sector Buyers
  • Micro-enterprises, Small and Medium-sized Companies
  • Large Companies, Multinationals


MeetWest, the largest business networking event in the West of Ireland brings together a wide range of companies from the West of Ireland and further afield, to network and do business. In its sixth year, MeetWest offers participating companies a full day of tailored one-to-one networking meetings complimented by a conference, information sessions and networking dinner. The event offers delegates an invaluable opportunity to meet and connect with other businesses.

There are 4 steps in the on-line booking process:

  1. Book - from 20th September 2016
  2. Complete your business profile
  3. Browse online catalogue and choose and prioritise 25 potential meetings
  4. Attend both days

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4 Steps On-line Booking Process:

1. Registration – OPEN FROM 12th SEPTEMBER

  • -Click on Book Now on the home page.
  • -Fill in the registration form

You will be directed to the Payment page where you may pay via PayPal or by Credit/Debit card. You will then receive your unique access codes via email.

2. Complete your profile

If you attended a previous MeetWest your profile may be re-activated. You should then review your re-activated profile, paying particular attention to your company’s activities and objectives and indicating precisely what type of partnership sought and/or offered.

If you have not attended MeetWest, you should complete your profile, paying particular attention to your company’s activities and objectives and indicating precisely what type of partnership sought and/or offered.

You are advised to be as concise and simple as possible in the presentation of your company’s activities and objectives. Use short phrases and key-words that can be easily searched for and read on screen by your possible future partners. Your profile will appear in an online catalogue and hard copy containing business profiles of all businesses attending MeetWest 2016. Please complete your Profile as soon as possible. This will maximise your visibility and help attract companies to meet your objectives.

3. Browse online catalogue and choose and prioritise 25 potential meetings

From November the online catalogue opens - you will be able to browse and search the list of all participating companies and view the profiles of your potential partners. You can then select and prioritise a minimum of 20 meeting choices from the list of participating companies. From your choices, and choices made by other delegates, the specialised match-making software used for MeetWest 2016 creates a personalised meeting schedule for each delegate, which you will receive on arrival/at Registration, on Day 2 at the event.

Your personalised schedule of meetings (of 20 minutes duration each) will include up to 16 meetings according to: Your meeting requests, Companies that have asked to meet with you, and Reciprocal Requests. You will also receive the profiles of all the companies on your wish list who are not in your meeting agenda allowing you to identify them and meet them during the extensive networking opportunities built into MeetWest 2016 including lunch, coffee breaks, etc.

4. Attend both days

The quality of MeetWest 2016 depends on the commitment of each delegate. All delegates should respect their agenda and attend all meetings for which they have been requested.

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Refund Policy

Only companies that have booked and paid for MeetWest 2016 will be able to access the online system, which contains information about all registered MeetWest participants and allows participants to select meetings with other companies. Refunds will only be made to companies that cancel their booking during the booking phase, prior to accessing the online system. Cancellations and refunds cannot be accepted once your company has created an online profile or accessed the online catalogue of participants. The organisers reserve the right to change the event schedule, at any time, without notice.

MeetWest is delivered by a partnership for business between Mayo County Council, Mayo Local Enterprise Office, Roscommon County Council, Roscommon Local Enterprise Office, Galway County Council, Galway Local Enterprise Office, Galway City Council, Western Development Commission, Údarás na Gaeltachta, SCCUL Enterprises Ltd., in association with Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland.